10th Board of Management’s Postcard

February 12, 2013 marketing 0 Comments

A highlight of this month has unmistakably been the  Board of Management Meeting (BMM) that took place in the Nijmegen, Netherlands.  The meeting was sponsored by the two prestigious research master programmes of the Radboud University Nijmegen, Behavioral Science and Cognitive Neuroscience. Over the course of five days, the seven members of the Board gathered at a small hostel to discuss a wide variety of topics important to the current position of the organisation, establishing the steps that need to be taken until the end of the mandate.

As the Board of Management, we aim to develop suitable ways to protect the privacy of individuals who engage in EFPSA activities. Therefore EFPSA’s official privacy policies were at the forefront of discussions during the week. The relevant document will be publicly available after the changes are implemented.

The organisation’s internal communication was also discussed. Specific steps to improve both the knowledge transfer procedure and operational productivity of the future Executive Board were discussed.  The outcomes of these discussions will be reflected during the upcoming Congress in Turkey where we envision great start to the 2013/14 mandate.

The Board of Management transition system (from the current board to the next) was explored and an alternative series of steps to ensure the smooth transfer of power were agreed upon. The relevant proposal will be submitted to the EFPSA Member Representatives in the upcoming weeks for voting. Along with this, the BM will submit a proposal to amend the Domestic Regulations of EFPSA to include more comprehensive details of procedures.

Finally, the content of the Corporate Visual Identity Manual was revised and crucial updates were suggested. The official document with the proposed changes will be created and handed over to the next Marketing Officer.

A considerable amount of preparation was also undertaken for the upcoming Congress and procedures for the selection of the new Executive Board. You will see a large number of calls for volunteering opportunities that will be published in the next few weeks.

If you are interested in becoming actively involved in EFPSA, we would recommend you to keep an eye on our website over the upcoming weeks for all relevant news and opportunities.


Dalya, Dimitris, Julia, William, Chris, Nat and Peter

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