Second Postcard from the Board of Management 2017-2018

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The second month of the EFPSA mandate turned out to be a highly demanding period for most EFPSA teams who have been developing their projects since the Congress in Azerbaijan, while at the same time everybody is getting the pace of their new roles. Nevertheless, this month is leaving us as quick as it greeted us with the promise of exciting news and events to come!

Board of Management

The Board of Management has been preoccupied with of the maintenance and conduct of e-voting for various matters such as the approval of Board of Management Action Plans and EFPSA Preliminary Budget 2017-2018, the approval of Executive Board 2017-2018 and finally, the selection of 33rd  EFPSA Congress Host & Congress 2019 Coordinator everyone has been so eagerly waiting! Equally important have been the preparations for 15th European Congress of Psychology (ECP) which is going to be held in Amsterdam between the 11th and 14th of July. Thanks to a wonderful opportunity and collaboration with EFPA and the ECP Organising Committee, Clara Chetcuti (President), Nicola Falzon (Vice President), Mónica Duarte (Secretary General) and Erika Kajátiová (Member Representatives Officer) will be attending as EFPSA representatives and will be chaperoning award winners during their stay at the Congress.

External Relations Office

The first online meeting of the European Health Students’ Associations (EHSA) network took place this month where representatives from European Medical Students’ Associations (EMSA), European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA), European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) and European Pharmaceutical Students’ Associations (EPSA) updated one another on the progress of tasks which were delegated at the Summit last February.  Additionally, Valerija Vidovic (External Relations Coordinator) will also be attending the ECP in July where she will be manning the EFPSA stand, sharing information about the Federation and networking with students, academics and professionals alike.

Members Office and Member Representatives

The Member Representatives have been busy promoting different Calls throughout the past month. On the first Monday of June, Member Representatives had their first Skype Meeting which was really fruitful. They have also voted in their first e-voting of the mandate, while the Members Office have successfully started working on its projects.

Finance Office

The Finance Office has made the proposition of the financial plan for the mandate. The Grants Team was monitoring the progress of the project which included the grants that we have received for this mandate. We have also been working on the plan for European Youth Foundation Grant related evaluation meeting regarding EFPSA’s Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) 2017 and the Partnerships Team was rearranging the partnerships structure and updating EFPSA’s portfolio.

Events Office

The Events Office has been working along with the EFPSA Conference 2017 Organisation Committee and the Joint EB & MR Meeting 2017 Organisation Committee to aid them in their respectable effort of securing Venues for the events. In addition, after some help from the Marketing Office, everything is set for the outset of the Junior Researcher Programme Conference & Internships 2017 in beautiful Dublin, Ireland in the beginning of August.

Turning to other events, both Information Packages for Train the Trainers Summer School 2017 and European Summer School 2017 were made available for the participants and the events are just outside our doors! Moreover, the selection of the participants of Train the Trainers Summer School 2017 has been successfully completed and 12 out of 56 applicants will be in the joyful position of starting their journey of becoming trainers. The Events Office and the Training Office thanks all the applicants for the event and wishes them to never give up on their dreams of potentially becoming trainers!

Let us not forget that in less than two weeks, the European Summer School 2017 is starting and the Organising Committee is waiting for the participants to arrive in the exotic island of Cyprus! Furthermore, the team has been working non-stop on fundraising for the event and other small details in order to make this experience a memorable one!


The Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS)  have received multiple submissions during the past two months in the mandate and have seen through three manuscripts to the editing stage. In the meantime they have published their second blog post for the mandate on the topic of ‘How to stop being busy and come productive’, a very interesting read that can be found here.

The overlapping mandate of the Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) Team, following the approval of the programme’s restructuring during the first General Assembly at the Congress in Azerbaijan, has seen the two JRP Teams working in parallel. While the JRP Team 2016-2017 is making great progress in the organising the upcoming JRP Conference and Internships 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, the JRP Team 2017-2018 is currently receiving knowledge transfer and communicating with the new participants for the upcoming European Summer School in Cyprus. Meanwhile, Lena Steubl (JRP Coordinator 2017-2018) has been conducting interviews together with Nicola Falzon (Vice President) for the Mentor and Advisors of the upcoming Junior Researcher Programme, commencing once the participants graduate from the European Summer School. We are happy to announce that the Mentor 2017-2018 has been selected and we have welcomed Prof. Nancy Papathanasiou from Greece, who will host the JRP Conference and Internships 2018 in Athens, Greece. More updates will be coming soon regarding the upcoming JRP.

The EFPSA Training Office (TO) was busy selecting the participants for the upcoming Train the Trainers Summer School, one of the most sought after EFPSA Training Events. 12 lucky participants have been selected from a pool of 56 applicants and will be making their way to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in just over a month’s time. Meanwhile, the team has organised a face-to-face meeting in the Czech Republic, hosted by Markéta Pešoutová (TO Coordinator), where they held various working sessions and also developed their action plan for the mandate.  

The Study & Travel Abroad Team have been busy updating the Database for Masters and PhD Programmes while also sharing Calls that are open on their facebook page. Various hostels have been contacted for partnerships and progress is being made in this regard in order to further update the database where the Travel Network Membership Cards can be used; you can access the map with all of our partner hostels here. Meanwhile the team has been making use of their newly established snapchat, don’t forget to add us on efpsasta! Finally the team has been working on the Call for the first EFPSA Interns, in collaboration with Willingness, a multidisciplinary team focusing on family, sex and health, who will be hosting the internships in Malta.


We are also glad to inform you that up to the present time, both Calls for Train Advanced Trainers 2018 Coordinator and 2nd EFPSA Academy 2017 Coordinator are respectively receiving an extension. Under those circumstances, we are eagerly waiting for any enthusiastic and willing people to apply! In addition, EFPSA is proud to announce that its very first Internship platform is up and running under the supervision of the Study & Travel Abroad Service and the Call for interns has been extended and closes tonight at 23.59 CET, so apply here now!

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