The registration for the 29th EFPSA Congress

December 5, 2014 marketing 0 Comments

Dear psychology students and EFPSA friends,

The registration for the 29th EFPSA Congress that is going to be held in the Czech Republic at Srní, with dates ranging from April 18th to April 25th 2015, is now opened!

This year, we enjoy the picturesque surroundings of one of the most beautiful National Parks-Bohemian Forest National Park Šumava, located in Kašperské mountains, where you can see castles (Rabi, Velhartice, Kašperk and Švihov), hydroelectric Čeňkova saw and Vydra, and also place of pilgrimage – chapel Hauswald.

The main theme of the congress will be “Back to the roots: psychology and sexuality”. The Annual EFPSA Congress will be welcoming over 300 psychology students from over 32 countries in Europe. It will be a week with a high level scientific programme offering lectures by professionals as well as students, on the topic of psychology of sexuality. A wonderful social programme will be offered for activities in the evenings following the lectures.

The deadline for applying is the 20th of January. If you want to be a part of this highlight event of psychology students apply at:
Hope to see you in Czech Republic!

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