Eight Postcard – Offices

December 31, 2018 marketing 0 Comments


Eight Postcard from the Offices

       This holiday edition of the postcard is from the lovely Offices of EFPSA. The postcard includes all work done in past two months. Enjoy reading the postcard in the last day of 2018! EFPSA wishes you a wonderful New Year!

Board of Management

      In the past month, our fearless leaders (the Board of Management) have been writing the final chapters of another successful year in the organisation. They concluded it with the December E-Voting which resulted in exciting outcomes. Apart from working hard, the Board of Management also tried to hardly work during the holidays and enjoy some holiday spirit with their loved ones.


External Relations Office

       Meanwhile, the External Relations Office has been working on sharing the EFPSA spirit with even more student organisations around Europe by establishing new collaborations with European Students’ Forum (AEGEE) and International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA). The main focus of the collaborations is raising awareness of mental health and our Social Impact Initiative Team will be helping out with said collaborations. It is safe to say we have an exciting year ahead of us with new campaigns and projects ahead. To add to the excitement, the first contact has been with the European Students’ Union (ESU) has been signed, so, stay tuned!
Our hard-working External Relations Coordinator has also been attending online meetings with the organisations within European Health Students’ Associations Summit (EHSAS) while finishing up the Open Access Position Paper which will be published soon. EHSAS is also counting down to the next face-to-face meeting which will be held in Brussels from 25th to 27th of January.
       Meanwhile, the Policy Team had been working on updating and finishing up the Privacy Policy, Events Policy, Anti Discrimination Policy and Refugee & Migrants Position Paper.

EFPSA Office

       EFPSA Office also stayed active during the holidays. Apart from making sure the Working Community is up-to-date with ongoings within EFPSA and ensuring that everything runs smoothly with e-mails and the website, they also launched the brand new EFPSA Events Calendar which helps you keep track of psychology related events around the world!

Finance Office

       Finance Office was actively working on bringing more funds to the organisation! The application for the next year’s Erasmus+ Grant has been submitted and while we eagerly wait for the results, we’ve received the results of the EYF grant for next year: The grant will support Mind the Mind and Train the Trainers 2019! Our dearest Working Community also received some holiday gifts – they received travel reimbursements for both the Joint EB&MR Meeting 2018 and for Congress 2018.
       In addition to this, Partnerships Team also had some holiday gifts for the Working Community – extending their collaboration with Routeledge led to making 10 books available for you to read for free! They also prepared a manual for the Partnership Package to make the lives of future Org.Coms a lot easier. Partnerships Team is also getting ready to contact Telecom companies for potential collaborations, so, we hope to hear good news next year!

Marketing Office

       There’s no rest for the Marking Office in December! They worked hard on preparing materials for the EFPSA Day, including the EFPSA Day video which is available on our official YouTube Page. This led to having a successful EFPSA Day in more than 30 Member countries which brought together over 1000 of people. We are looking forward to reveal the results of the EFPSA Day Lottery, so, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social medias for more details soon!

Member Representatives Office

       The Member Representatives took things to the next level by creating five task forces which work on several topics and are overseen by the Member Representatives Office. Another big milestone was the writing of a proposal for the E-Voting that aimed to create the Supporting Community. This will involve our amazing and hard-working Vice Member Representatives. One of the task forces is in charge of taking care of the social aspect of the Member Representatives’ Community and they successfully organised the first (of many) social Skype meeting. complete with a Christmas Sweater competition! One of the biggest excitements was the EFPSA Day on December 6th! The Member Representatives organised the event at their universities and successfully sparked interest in many students around Europe by promoting EFPSA and especially the upcoming Congress in Denmark!
Our Member Representatives do us proud by investing their time and effort voluntarily. The Members Office wants to say a big Thank You to all of the Member Representatives as they help shape this organisation through their continuous work and all their promotion. We (Vicky – MRO, Michèle – MOC, and Elena – MOTM) are really grateful to all of them!

Events Office

       The Events office has been eagerly working with new Organising Committees. All the people involved have been busy budgeting and planning over the Christmas holidays, ensuring the best events in 2019! Most importantly, Congress 2019 applications are opened, and we are extremely excited about seeing you all in Denmark. Happy Holidays and a very happy New Year to everyone, with love from the Events Office!