Open Call for Coordinator of the 16th Research Summer School 2022!

Become a Coordinator of the 16th EFPSA Research Summer School

The EFPSA Research Summer School is an annual, week-long event for psychology students, providing a platform for establishing multiple research projects which are carried out through the EFPSA Research Programme for 12 months following the EFPSA Research Summer School. Research projects are conducted under the supervision of PhD or post-doc researchers referred to as Supervisors and relate to the theme chosen for the event. Supervisors are advised throughout the EFPSA Research Summer School, as well as throughout the EFPSA Research Programme by PhD and Research Academics referred to as Advisors. Academic researchers and/or psychologists are typically invited to speak at the event to complement the theme.

Throughout the event, participants discuss theory and methodological matters relating to their respective projects, whilst also gaining knowledge about the overall topic and scientific research in general. Participants also initiate the research project within their teams and develop an action plan for the EFPSA Research Programme. A varied social programme and an excursion are also organised for the event.

Fifteen previous editions of the RSS have been hosted, all of which in different countries, with a different research theme each year. This year we were able to host a live event and we are hoping this will also be the case next year.

Responsible for a successful organisation of this event is the Organising Committee together with Events Coordinator from within the Events Office and the entire Research Programme Service. Collectively, the Organising Committee should arrange all practical elements of the event, including its venue, food, and accommodation of participants and Supervisors. Events Coordinator will guide the OrgCom in the organisational process and facilitate collaboration with other EFPSA Offices and Services. Research Programme Service will undertake the preparations for the research programme, including the Call for RSS Supervisors. All OrgCom Coordinators should work in close collaboration with the Events Office in order to ensure that events are organised in accordance with the mission, vision and values of EFPSA and that they meet the requirements specified by the Board of Management and Minimal Requirements document. It should be noted that this requirement is also made to enable the organisers to get as much support from EFPSA as possible and ensure a successful event.

Number of participants: 36 participants, 6 supervisors.

OrgCom Teams: Administration, Social, Marketing, Finance.

OrgCom Size: minimum 5 people.

So, what’s in it for you? 

The Organising Committee of Research Summer School will have an opportunity to : 

  • Network with other European Psychology Students and learn about different cultures and backgrounds
  • Communicate and establish connections around research with the Supervisors (PHD psychology students)
  • Closely work with multiple offices within EFPSA
  • Learn about the way research and psychology studies are conducted in multiple European countries (and wider)
  • Gain thorough experience with organising events from the administrative, social, financial, scientific and marketing aspect
  • Learn how to successfully organise large scale events
  • Establish Teamwork and Communication skills whilst working within a dynamic team of individuals and with the EFPSA Executive board

How do I apply? 

  1. Read the RSS OrgCom Coordinator Role Description Document and the General Prerequisites Document.
  2. Recruit motivated students from your Member Organisation or university to form the Organising Committee.
  3. Brainstorm ideas and plans for the venue, excursion day, fundraising, and more. Ask Research Programme Service, Events Office and former Org Com for help and input if needed!
  4. Search for possible partnerships with other local student organisations that might be interested in getting involved.
  5. Download and fill the Application Form and send it along with your CV and proof of studies to by Tuesday 28th of September 2021 23:59 (CEST).

If you have any other comments or questions, feel free to contact our Events Officer, Luka Uršič, at

We look forward to receiving your application! Good luck!