Website Changes: Concerning Emails and Subdomains

November 3, 2021 secretary 0 Comments

Since we are currently in the process of moving servers of our website, there have been some irregularities concerning our email exchanges and subdomains.

Unfortunately, our EFPSA email accounts (e.g. were not able to receive any emails between the 02nd of November from 17:30 (CET) until the 3rd of November at 22:00 (CET).
Should you have tried to reach us during that time, please be informed that we did not receive your messages. Since we can now receive emails again, feel free to resend everything.

In addition to this, our subdomains (such as the JEPS Bulletin, our STA Blog or the Conference website) cannot be reached at the moment. We are trying our best to get them back online within this week. This includes,, and

Thank you for your patience – in the meantime, do enjoy our main website being faster than ever!