EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School 2022: Call for Participants

June 6, 2022 secretary 0 Comments

EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School 2022: Call for Participants

The Train the Trainers Summer School is an amazing event characterised by knowledge, development, challenges, fun, and friendship! During this week, you will learn the basics to become a trainer, practice your skills, and take a step to the world of non-formal education.

What is non-formal education?

Romi & Schmida (2009) define non-formal education as “the assumption that educational and social goals can and should be realised through exercising flexibility in applying principles, subject matter, organisations, and tools, and that these should be free of the structural and formal conditions usually present in school. Non-formal education aims to enhance active social involvement for the benefit of the community, and to express the needs of individuals, especially those concerning leisure activities”.

What does this Train the Trainers event offer?
The Training Office of EFPSA delivers training sessions to prepare 16 lucky psychology students to become trainers. After the event, participants will become trainer candidates and in order to join the EFPSA Trainers Pool, you will be expected to have an EFPSA Trainer mentor and deliver 10 hours of training sessions. After it, you will be given the opportunity to deliver training sessions within and outside EFPSA.

The 13th edition of EFPSA’s Train the Trainers Summer School (TtT), which will take place between the 16th and the 24th of August 2022 in Joutsa, Finland, offers you this opportunity! The participation fee for TtT 2022 will be the maximum of €160 including all accomodation, three meals per day and the social programme (The Organising Committee is currently working to decrease the participation fee but there is no certainty). The venue is wheelchair-accessible. There will be no travel reimbursement, both in and out Finland.

Do not miss the opportunity to share a journey of a lifetime with other enthusiastic aspiring Trainers, while being guided and educated by 6 experienced EFPSA Trainers.

Deadline to apply is the 20th of June 2022, 23:59 CEST, via the following link.

For further information regarding the content/programme of the event, contact us at: trainingevents@efpsa.org
Should you have any question regarding the organisation of the event, contact us at: ttt2022summer@efpsa.org

For references see:
Romi, S., & Schmida, M. (2009). Non‐formal education: a major educational force in the postmodern era. Cambridge Journal Of Education, 39(2), 257-273.