Let’s renovate the EFPSA Website!

October 5, 2022 secretary 0 Comments

Do you feel you can help make the EFPSA website more accessible and better looking? Do you have any ideas on how to improve its design? If so, then this is the call for you!

Apply for the Web Restructuring Task Force!


What is a Task Force (TF)?

A Task Force is recognised as an official body within the Federation. A Task Force can be formed to deal with issues related to EFPSA but is not handled directly by the Board or the Executive Board. Examples for Task Forces include modifications of the Statutes and the Internal Regulations, projects with external EFPSA partners or issues concerning EFPSA recognition, and official public statements (IR, Article 47).


Website Restructuring Task Force

The purpose of this Task Force is to make the efpsa.org website a better looking and more intuitive experience, in which users (students, EFPSAnauts, partners, etc.) can more easily find all the information they need.

The goal is to modernise the structure of the website and to partly modernise the design of the website based on feedback and insights from the various users of the website and based on theories about human-computer interactions and UX Design. Members of the Task Force will be able to learn about topics like Design Thinking, User & Task Analysis, and community-based research. 

Steps of this Task Force will reach from creating a survey and needs analysis for users of our website and teams that manage content on our website to Focus Groups discussing the results and possible implementations until the final implementations will be realised within the website.

Next to polishing up the website, another side goal of this Task Force should be to create a guideline for other MOs and partnering associations of EFPSA to act as a help when it comes to building and maintaining websites of student organisations.



The deadline for applying to be part of this task force is the 9th of October 23:59 CEST and you can do so through the following link. After the deadline, you will be informed about your interview. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to secretary@efpsa.org.