Extended Call for Org Com Coordinators

October 17, 2022 secretary 0 Comments

Did you miss our previous call for Coordinators of Organising Committees for upcoming EFPSA events in 2023? Are you a motivated psychology student and would you like to make friends from all around Europe? Would you like to organise an EFPSA event in your own city/country?

If so, then you are in luck: we have just extended our call for Org Com Coordinators for 2023!

We are searching for motivated individuals to apply for a Coordinator position of one of the following EFPSA events in 2023. Take a look at the details below:


Joint Executive Board and Member Representatives (EB&MR) Meeting

The Joint Executive Board & Member Representatives Meeting marks the halfway point through the EFPSA mandate, bringing together the EFPSA Working Community for a week-long face to face meeting. The meeting provides the perfect opportunity for EFPSA to evaluate the first half of the mandate, prepare for the second half, refuel motivation and work together on developing EFPSA further.

When? October/November 2023
Where? In a venue with accommodation that you will find in a city of your choice!
The number of participants: Between 60-80 EFPSA Working Community members
Duration: 8 days
Org Com teams: Administration, Social, Marketing, Finance
Org Com size: 8 – 10 people
Read more: Role Description


EFPSA Conference

The EFPSA Conference is a four day scientifically-oriented event; a perfect opportunity for psychology students to present their work and attend lectures and workshops held by experts in the field of a given psychological topic. This event is open for 150 psychology students, eager to further discover a topic within the field of psychology from multiple perspectives.

When? November 2023
Where? In a city of your choice!
The number of participants: approx. 150 psychology students
Duration: 4 days
Org Com teams: Administration, Social, Marketing, Finance, Scientific
Org Com size: 15 – 20 people
Read more: Role Description


Train the Trainers (TtT) Summer School

Train the Trainers (TtT) Summer School is a week full of training sessions, knowledge transfers, self-development, challenges, fun, and new friendships! Participants are provided with a broad set of skills on how to deliver training sessions and conduct workshops.  These training sessions are delivered experientially and non-formally.

Upon the completion of this intensive week-long course, these 16 psychology students obtain the necessary skills and experience to become EFPSA Trainers.

When? August 2022.
Where? In a city of your choice!
The number of participants: approximately 30 participants (16 TtT participants, 6 Training Office members, 1 Chair Trainer, 1 Board Representative, and 3-5 members of your Organising Committee)
Duration: 7 entire days + 1 arrival and 1 departure day for participants. However, trainers are to arrive two days earlier and stay one day longer!
Org Com teams: Administration, Social, Marketing, Finance
Org Com size: Maximum 5 members, including you as the Coordinator.
Read more: Train the Trainers Org Com Coordinator


EFPSA Research Summer School

The first Research Summer School (RSS) took place in Leie, Estonia in 2007, with the topic of ‘Cross-Cultural Psychology’; it was then followed by Research Summer Schools covering different topics every subsequent year! By joining the RSS, you are sure to gain an incredible opportunity to become an international psychology researcher during your studies!

During this seven-day event, students immerse themselves in a programme of intercultural research where they have the opportunity to join one of six research projects led by a Ph.D. supervisor in planning and implementing a 12-month study. Apart from this, the programme is enriched by a variety of lectures given by professionals from relevant areas of psychology. Each year, all lectures and research topics are set around a theme, chosen to reflect a field of contemporary psychology. Since 2011, all RSS participants completing the training programme and committing to the research project have been invited to join the EFPSA Research Programme, extending the Research Summer School from a one-week EFPSA Event into a fully structured 12-month research programme. Finally, student researchers are welcome to present their work at the annual EFPSA Congress to the biggest audience of any EFPSA event: around 500 other psychology students, academics, and professionals!

In short, taking part in the RSS and entering the EFPSA Research Programme is a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience and training in every aspect of the process of carrying out a successful research project; all under the guidance of an accomplished researcher and in cooperation with fellow psychology students from all over Europe.

When? July 2022
Where? In a city of your choice!
The number of participants: approximately 42 participants (36 student researchers and 6 supervisors)
Duration: 7 days
Org Com Teams: Administration, Social, Marketing, Finance.
Org Com Size: 5-8 people
Read more: RSS Org Com Coordinator


The Organising Committee of these EFPSA events will have an opportunity to:

  • Network with other European Psychology Students and learn about different cultures and backgrounds
  • Communicate and establish connections around research with the Supervisors (Ph.D. psychology students)
  • Closely work with multiple offices within EFPSA
  • Gain thorough experience with organising events from the administrative, social, financial, scientific and marketing aspect
  • Learn how to successfully organise large scale events
  • Establish Teamwork and Communication skills whilst working within a dynamic team of individuals and with the EFPSA Executive board
  • BONUS: Volunteering experiences like these are loved by employers!
  • Get actively involved within EFPSA!


I am interested!  How do I apply?

  1. Read the General Prerequisites Document and Org Com’s Roles Description.
  2. Recruit motivated students from your Member Organisation or university to form the Organising Committee.
  3. Brainstorm ideas and plans for the venue, excursion day, fundraising, and more. Ask Events Office and former Org Com for help and input if needed!
  4. Search for possible partnerships with other local student organisations that might be interested in getting involved.
  5. Download and fill the Application Form and preliminary budget and send them along with your CV and proof of studies to applications@efpsa.org by Friday 28th of October 2022 20:00 (CEST)


For any further questions, either before or after filling out the Application Form, please do not hesitate to contact us at events@efpsa.org.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Good luck!