EFPSA Office

EFPSA Office

The EFPSA Office represents the central point of administration within the Federation. As such, it is primarily involved in: ensuring effective administrative practices are in place; archiving of documentation and supporting communication within and between the Executive Board and Member Representatives.


Administrative Support Responsible

The Administrative Support Responsible’s main task is the  regular publishing of the EFPSA Magazine, containing news, information and entertainment for, about, and in collaboration with,  all of EFPSA. In addition, the ASR sends out birthday cards to members of EFPSA and is responsible for keeping the Wikipedia page updated.


Content review Responsibles (s)

The content review responsibles make sure that all documents that are meant for distribution uphold a standard of grammatical and formal correctness under the umbrella of EFPSA’s CVI guidelines to ensure uniformity throughout all texts.


Data Analysis Responsible

The Data Analysis Responsible is collecting information about EFPSA’s projects and events with the goal of improving the Federation and its work. Furthermore, the role includes analysing the collected data and writing reports. In addition, the Data Analysis Responsible should archive the materials and data collected, as well as ensure that everyone’s work is compliant with the GDPR.


Human resources Responsible

The HR responsible oversees, supports and evaluates the practices of the Working Community with the aim of developing the Federation. This includes internal collaborations for  mental health support, conflict mediation and other projects.


Web Coordinator Responsible

Web Coordinator Responsible is behind the scenes of organisations’ emails and websites. When there is any problem or need of emails, Web Coordinator will help. Other tasks are also keeping the website active and updating it with the newest information, pictures and other updates.