EFPSA Supporting Community

Supporting Community

EFPSA also has a Supporting Community. These are people who are not involved directly into EFPSA’s work (like the Executive Board or Member Representatives), but they are still a part of EFPSA because of their position. In the Supporting Community we have National and Local Coordinators of Social Impact Initiative Campaigns, JEPS Ambassadors, Vice MRs, RP Supervisor / Student Researchers, Org Com members, EFPSA representatives in EFPA.


Mind the Mind National Coordinators

A National Coordinator (NC) is a contact person between the Local Coordinators (LCs) and the EFPSA SII team. There is one NC per country and is mentored by one of the members of the SII. Some of the main responsibilities of the NCs include coordinating a group of Local Coordinators; representing the link between the SII and LCs; translating the provided materials from English to their native language; helping LCs in all their tasks, helping them solve possible problems with the LCs. It is also their responsibility to find their successors and new LCs once their mandate ends

Mind the Mind and Better Together Local Coordinators

A Local Coordinator (LC) is a contact person between their National Coordinator and local volunteers (in the case of Mind the Mind) or a contact person between local volunteers and the EFPSA SII team (in the case of Better Together). They are mentored by the members of the SII team. Their main responsibilities include gathering and coordinating a group of local volunteers; promoting the campaign in their area; arranging the training for volunteers; arranging workshops.

JEPS Ambassadors (coming soon)


Members of the Event Organising Committees 

Organising Committees of EFPSA are responsible for the organisational process and hosting of EFPSA’s Events. Most EFPSA events have their own Organising Committee (Org Com), composed of volunteers coming from a country that will be hosting the event. Except for the Org Com Coordinators that hold an official Executive Board position within the Events Office, all other Org Com members are a part of the Supporting Community of EFPSA. Their positions’ names may differ from event to event, but usually, Org Coms have the Co-coordinator, the Head of Administration, the Head of Social, the Head of Finance, the Head of Marketing, the Head of Scientific and additional team member positions when needed. Mandates of Org Com members begin at the time that they are elected as the Org Com and finish upon successful execution of the event and submission of all post-event tasks. In the end, all Org Com members are awarded a detailed Certificate of Contribution to EFPSA with listed skills that they have showcased in their position and descriptions of the event they have organised and their position in the team.


Vice MR’s

The Vice Member Representatives (Vice MRs) are a large network related to the Members Office and Member Organisations. They one of the larger teams that form part of the great Supporting Community in EFPSA. Currently, there are around 37 Vice MRs working within the 36 member countries of EFPSA!

Their core responsibilities include:
 Working with and supporting the Member Representative (MR) in their respective country’s MR team
 Acting as Proxy Representatives and Voters of their Member Organisation in case the MR cannot be available on EFPSA Events, monthly meetings, and voting sessions such as General Assemblies and e-Votings.
 Maintaining contact with the Member and Observer Coordinator (MOC) and the other Vice MRs
 Attending regular Vice MR meetings on Discord (text-based) and on Zoom (live call)
 Keeping themselves updated about the news and activities of their MO and EFPSA
 In big member countries that have many universities, ViceMRs can be selected to be their university or regional representative under the direction of their MR.


Student Researchers (coming soon)

EFPSA representatives in EFPA

EFPSA has a collaboration with EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists Associations). This means that we have one EFPSA representative for each EFPA working group. The mandate lasts 2 years and starts after the election of representatives at the  Executive Board and Member Representative meeting. In these teams, the EFPSA representatives represent EFPSA, looks for opportunities to collaborate, and has frequent meetings with the Secretary General, who is The Board responsible for communication between EFPSA representatives and the Working community / The Board. They also present their Board, Standing Committee or working group at the annual EFPSA Congress and keep EFPSA updated on their work and sharing events.