EFPSA Working Community

The Board is a team of eight individuals responsible for maintaining the ethos of EFPSA, providing foundations for the organisation’s growth and contributing toward the strategic, long term, development of EFPSA in order to meet the needs and interests of European psychology students. The Board oversees the EFPSA Working Community as well as Supporting Community, and supports all teams and activities of the Federation and works on various common projects in order to reach EFPSA’s goals.

Deianara Couwet, President

My name is Veronika Kocmanová, and I graduated with my master's degree in the Czech Republic (CR) last year. After I finished my internship in the Netherlands in February, I started working as a freelancer, mostly in a palliative care centre. I got in touch with EFPSA in 2017 when I coordinated the 1st EFPSA Academy in the CR. After that, I took a little “EFPSA break” while holding a Board position in the Czech Member Organisation for two years. When I got the opportunity to represent my country as a member representative (MR), I stepped out of my comfort zone. I became an EFPSA Trainer and have participated in many events, namely theCongress in Malta in 2018, the Conference in the CR, Train Advanced Trainers (TAT) in Turkey, Joint EB&MR Meeting in Slovenia and Malta, and E-TRAM). All the experience within the EFPSA and MR team boosted my motivation to go on with my EFPSA journey as Member and Observer Coordinator, and brought me to the Board as Member Representatives Officer last year. As a President, I collaborate with externals, other student associations, and EFPA. I oversee the External Relations Office that writes position papers, ensures media coverage, and represents EFPSA. Together with the Vice President, I lead the work of the Board as well as the whole Working Community to shape the future of the Federation in the best way possible. Friendly and supporting atmosphere amongst all team members matters a lot to me. I believe that open, honest and transparent communication creates a cohesive environment within the entire EFPSA Working Community. This mandate, I aim to increase the financial stability of the Federation as well as the involvement in advocacy and youth actions, to deepen collaboration with the EHSAS associations and Alumni Network, and to provide our members with opportunities for both professional and personal development. In my free time, I volunteer in the Water Rescue Service and love hiking and playing the guitar.

Robert Meyka, Secretary General

OPEN POSITION!! Get in touch!

Martina Marie Aquilina , Marketing Officer

Hey honeys! I am a happy-go-lucky psychology student from Norway who enjoys a challenge and I love getting to know new people! I found out about EFPSA through my position as the Member Representative of Norway the past Mandate, and fell in love with this amazing, supportive Community! Before I started studying, I worked as a Sales Manager and -Director in a marketing company for five years. I was personally responsible for the organisation’s results and growth, and through good results I was given the exciting opportunity to open a new Office in Berlin. My interests are organisational psychology, combined with marketing, teambuilding and coaching. I work part time as a Sales Employee and Teaching Assistant, and I am also an active handball player at our University’s team. EFPSA is a dream of an organisation to be a part of, connecting students from all over Europe and providing them with opportunities of growth and encouragement to follow their passion! I feel so lucky that the Working Community has trusted me with this position and I can’t wait to embark on this journey.

Luka Uršič, Events Officer

Hi, dear people! I am so happy to be able to call myself the Events Officer of EFPSA! I have been involved with event planning and management for years, but combining it with my passion for psychology sounds quite exciting. I am studying psychological science at Padova University in Italy see how much joy we can bring to EFPSA together now and in the future! Ihave had a cinema and television background for some time. As a person of many interests, curiosity fuels my soul, and you can just find me discussing any topic enthusiastically. I discovered EFPSA on Instagram during COVID times and have wanted to be part of it ever since. Attending our most recent congress in 2023 in Portugal paved the way for my nomination. I am an active member of my community, volunteering in numerous organizations and positions such as trainer, facilitator, moderator, and team member, to mention a few. Believing that I have a creative personality, I would like to bring additional energy and color to the already fruitful events of EFPSA. Again, I enjoy a wide range of interests and look forward to meeting with you, dear EFPSA member or reader, in the near future to exchange some! Sending hugs and love <3

Johann Börner, Vice President

Hello there! My name is Bahadır Çamur, and I graduated from my Bachelors Degree last year from Ege University! I am from Turkey, and my EFPSA journey started in 2021 with being the National Coordinator for Mind the Mind. It was one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences I had in my life, and this quickly led me to join the Executive Board of EFPSA. Past mandate, I was part of the Social Impact Initiative team first as the Project Responsible for Mind the Mind and later as the SII Coordinator. As the Presidential Office, our lovely President and I, as the Vice President, have the privilege and joy to oversee the federation as a whole. I am also supporting our amazing Board and overseeing two of EFPSA's wonderful services, Social Impact Initiative, Training Office. I love sitcoms and watching movies and humour is one of the most important aspects of my life. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and having a good laugh! I am looking forward to having an amazing mandate with everyone!

Dora Mihić, Finance Officer

Heyo my loves! My name is Celeste Awere and I am studying clinical psychology in Leuven, Belgium. My main psychology interests are health and organizational psychology. If anyone knows how to combine them, let me know! My EFPSA adventure started quite a few years ago with an exchange to Portugal. I met the most amazing and engaged people, which immediately inspired me. I became a representative of Belgium. Last year, I had the honour of being the Member Representatives Officer and now I am the Finance Officer. Luckily, I don’t have to take care of all financial matters alone. I have my amazing finance offices to support me and I could not be more grateful. I have already learned so much and met so many amazing people, which only makes me more excited for this new mandate and new position. Outside of EFPSA, I am quite the party girl. I like to live my life to the fullest and experience as much as possible. As if studying, EFPSA and a chaotic social life is not enough, I also earn some extra money working in hospitality. Anyhow, if you made it to the end of this bio, thank you and I hope someday we can share some great experiences together. <3

Veronika Kocmanová, Member Representatives Officer

Hi there! I’m Barlet, the current MRO of EFPSA. My beautiful journey in EFPSA started practically as soon as I became a university student. I was a volunteer in our Social Impact Initiatives and joined the 2019 Congress in Denmark (which was an absolute blast!) All the floodgates were now opened. I proceeded to join many more events, learning a lot and forming close friendships with some outstanding people from all over Europe. I often say that 2019 and 2021 were 2 of the best years of my life – and that is largely due to EFPSA! Thus, naturally, I wanted to give back to this amazing organisation! After 2 terrific years in the Working Community, joining the Board was the natural next step. My biggest dream in EFPSA is that, at some point, every psychology student in Europe will have heard about us. And this is what we work on with my lovely Members Office team and the Representatives of our countries. So if you are a psychology student (or a recent graduate) reading this and aren’t involved in EFPSA, I can only recommend you give it a try! You will almost certainly be happy you did 😉

Ana LubejAcademic Affairs Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Louise De Meulenaer and I am a PhD student in the Moral and Social Brain Lab at Ghent University. My first ever EFPSA event was an amazing Research Summer School in Croatia, back in 2021, when and where I fell in love with the Federation. Long story short, after different positions in our Working Community (albeit in a short period of time), I was lucky enough to become the newly elected Academic Affairs Officer. A special thanks goes to the Working Community that trust me with this responsibility <3 As Academic Affairs Officer, I oversee three different offices: Research Programme, Study and Travel Abroad, and the Journal of European Psychology Students. I would love to make these offices and what they accomplish more visible and get more students involved with our amazing organisation! If you are already in the Working Community, thank you and hope to see you again soon, & if you are not yet in our Working Community, come join us!