The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) was established in 1987, at the first International Congress of Psychology Students in Portugal. EFPSA represents a highly diverse network of psychology students working on a voluntary basis by and for psychology students of Europe. The Federation currently consists of 34 psychology Member Organisations and two Observer Organisations.

Before becoming Members of EFPSA, students’ organisations go through the process of, initially, becoming observers – this allows the organisations to get familiar with the structure, working practices and current state of the organisation. Upon year of being elected as observers, the students’ organisations may apply to become Members of EFPSA.

If you have any questions, please contact the Member Representatives Officer, Veronika Kocmanovà on

List of Members

Hungary - MPT

The Hungarian Psychological Association (MPT) is one of Hungary’s oldest scientific associations founded in 1928. The Association aims at organising and developing scientific life, education, research, and application of psychology in Hungary. Also, its mission is to inform its members about ongoing discussions, events, and trends of their profession. The Association plays an active part in the continuing education of Hungarian professionals, the distribution of psychological knowledge to the general public, as well as in developing and maintaining international relationships.

MPT IT is an autonomic Department of MPT, but also a big help at organising events and cooperating with students and psychologists in Hungary. IT is a good opportunity for students and young psychologists to be an active part of the professional organization of psychologists in Hungary.
The goal of MPT IT is to make psychology known and understandable for everyday people and to help psychology students in the orientation process in the world of psychology. MPT IT provides its selected members with great opportunities, such as skill-developing trainings, lectures of professionals and workshops. MPT IT is represent at all MPT events, and at almost all bigger Hungarian psychology events and festivals.

Member Representative

Eszter Nagy (

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